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04 July 2010 @ 06:50 pm
Some things have annoyed me and for the benefit of people's flists I've put the ranting behind this LJ cut :)

Firstly since I just came on LJ to update, the Sky adverts that get sodding bigger! Bastard things!!! I have sodding broadband I don't need stupid adverts that you click on by mistake!

Secondly, my family are irritating me. The door to my room is shut for a reason, it doesn't mean open it to annoy me and talk crap. Then start moaning that ima moody! I know damn well that Ima irritable hence the bloody door being shut!!!!

Thirdly my horse is being a complete bitch to catch. In the way that she won't be caught. Took me and Mum an hour the other week to chase her down since she needed new shoes and she had to come in. Think I need a tranq gun!

In other news am loving the new season of True Blood. I just *love* Eric, he is the best character in it. Can't wait to read the next book where it goes on about Eric's maker. Stupid TV 'verse saying it was Godric. He was a peodophile for gods sake and nowhere near good enough for Eric!

Sometimes it takes me a moment or two to seperate the Book and TV 'verses when watching a new episode.

Watched The Covenant again the other night, still a great film. Pogue is the best!

Right this helped chill me out a bit. YEY!
Current Mood: irritatedirritated
Current Music: 30 Seconds To Mars - This is War