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18 September 2009 @ 06:25 pm
Work and general stuff  
Well I thought I’d update this thing again since it says I’ve not done it for a few weeks now. How rude of me! Ima sure that my journal feels lonely.

Well the usual stuff is happening, been on 12pm-8pm shifts all this week and yes I’ve also got them next week too. Takes the piss also got them over the weekend. Because you know I bought my horse and pay loads of money out every month to never see her.

Been searching for more jobs but there’s not that much out there really, well that I’d be willing to take since I can’t afford a pay cut. If anything I need more money! Would have taken a second job in a pub or somewhere if I hadn’t have been on these daft shifts.

Other than that not much has been happening. My Sister has bought a new car which she’s getting at the end of October, a ford this time. Don’t know what type though. They keep telling me to get rid of mine as scrap and get a new one since if it’s not my horse costing me money it’s my car. I love my car though and would massively miss her. Even if I can’t afford another £500 bill for her, I think my credit cards are loving it though.

I’ve been up early this week at 4am to listen to Greg James’ last early breakfast shows on Radio 1 which were brilliant. He’s moving to afternoons now. So it will be Greg followed by Scott and then Zane which will be great *\o/*

Not seen the new season of Supernatural yet but shall be downloading it over the weekend deffo. It sounds amazing!

Can't wait for the new film of Star Trek to come out on DVD. It the new fandom that ima in love with, just another one to add to my list haha

Right suppose I should be doing some more work now even though I really can’t be bothered, it’s so boring!
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